Wednesday, 26 May 2010

London Expo & Dino-Saw-Us!

London Expo is upon us once again! I'll be there both days this weekend (29-30 May). I'm bringing copies of Twelfth Night which I'm happy to sign and sketch in, prints and a few very limited edition postcards made from the Chinese New Year and the Showgirl pics I drew a while back. Of course, I'll be doing commissions and portraits as well. 

Now, let me give a plug to Dino-saw-us, a super fun sticker collecting game that will be run at expo for the first time .
You play by simply picking up a blank passport booklet at Expo (or print one out yourself) and then you find all the people with stickers. I hope there's time for me to go sticker hunting as well... I really want some stickers... Gotta catch 'em all!!
Hopefully this will become a reoccurring Expo activity that will yield a different collection of stamps each time. I can see the passports becoming collectors' items, and it's a great way to make some new friends!
Find out more about how to participate and who's got stickers on the Dino-saw-us blog.

My stickers arrived today and they look great! I almost want to keep them to myself but I'll give them up if people come and say hi at our table!

I'll be sharing table C17 with Amanda in the Artist Alley. There are quite a few new names on the list so it will be fun to see this incarnation of the Artist Alley. Floor plan here:

Hope to see lots of people at Expo!

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Friday, 7 May 2010


Found this sketch I did for one of Bobby Chiu's one-hour challenges last year. The theme was "serpent" I believe, but I didn't feel like going straight for the topic so I gave it a little twist.

Looking back at the challenges that I did for Bobby's live-streaming sessions, most of them seem to have gone in a humoristic direction. I don't normally do funny drawings, but Bobby's own whimsical artwork with a twist inspired me to think differently. I'm not a competitive person either, but challenges and competitions can push you in unexpected directions so it's worth going for it from time to time.

Topic: Cave man

Topic: Design your own Street Fighter character

Topic: Big and graceful

Topic: Creature cowboy

Bobby Chiu's Imaginism Studios - Link Live streams, contests and interviews

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