Thursday, 5 June 2008

Tube Sketching

London has been my home for the last three years of studying at Imperial College. Not all of this time has been spent as wisely as it could have been. For one, I didn't realise the joy that is tube-sketching until just recently, after listening to one of Bobby Chiu's inspirational podcast episodes.

In less than two week's time my degree will be finished and I'm moving away from London. One of the things tube-sketching has made me realise is that people are all around you (duh), so hopefully I should be able to find unknowing prey wherever I go.

Thanks to Bobby Chiu for telling people about his subway sketching habits in Toronto and for sharing his thoughts on being an artist in general (his podcasts are highly recommended). If you're in the area, he invites anyone to join him.


the thirtes knght said...

love this :) fantastic sketchesx so beautiful~ london is a great place to go for sketching people, esspeiclaly the rlelay is a whole cast of characters. fantastic!!"!

keep up stuff like this, it's so lolvey =D


Nana said...

Thank you! I try to do it whenever the sketching conditions are right, i.e. not too crowded but still enough people to give me a choice of subjects. ^^ I find that you see things and people differently when you do observational sketches.
I'll have to explore Cambridge more to find good sketching locations. ^^