Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Bizarre pair

A late-night paint sketch in Photoshop.
It started with random brush strokes which I kept building on until I saw something emerge. I was going to save some intermediate steps but forgot after the first one.

I was trying to make the global values read well, but I think the details ended up overshadowing the general composition. Maybe I started shading too early.
Time taken ~ 1.5 hours.


よしえ [Yoshie] said...

LOL its like Snow White's evil Queen stepmother meets Igor.

aqws said...

Reminds me of a goya etching. :)

nana said...

@Faye: I thought she looked a bit like the queen from Sleeping Beauty.
It seems Disney has a thing for that style of queens. :)

@Aqws: Lol cool!

shou' said...

Nice! Haha. I was thinking more along the lines of Igor and Evil-Lyn (from He-man).