Monday, 27 April 2009

Twelfth Night Feature in NEO 58 - Cover and Character Design

The third feature on the production of Twelfth Night is out in NEO magazine, issue 58!
This one talks about the process of designing the cover, showing the (many) discarded thumbnail designs and the thoughts choices that were made in rendering the final image. There are also some more thoughts behind the character designs and you get to see a full line-up of the ensemble.

The two previous features on pitching and world design can be found in NEO issue 56 and 57 respectively. I'm not entirely sure if back issues can be ordered, although I'm under the impression that they can.

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Mathew J Pallett said...
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SamuraiJam said...

your art work is amazing!! I was hooked ever since I saw the feature in NEO!! Can't wait till 12th night is out, I'm deffinately getting it!