Saturday, 3 October 2009

Old man sketch

I decided to have a little wrestle with charcoal. It's a medium I first encountered in life drawing class, but usually for the most rudimentary line drawings and not at all for exploring the range of value that charcoal offers. Handled well, I've seen people do fantastically rendered drawings with it, but that's always the core of the problem eh? Handled well...

For me, using charcoal feels like being a toddler, grabbing that pencil with my fist and trying to control the unpredictable lines it makes. It's a very flexible medium, but it's not a pencil. Considering the 20-some years I've been handling a pencil, maybe patience is the key.


Bumble said...

reminds me of these portraits by a guy on DA --> (tho i think they're all digital)

looks great! lots of character coming through ^_^

- Wikivic

Bumble said...

lol! i've no idea why its calling my google account 'Bumble' - a shortening of bumblemoo? my gmail account is actually set up under my own name! its just the email address that's 'bumblemoo@...' and even that has never been called 'bumble' XD

nana said...

Thank you! :)

Ahh I think Blogger has a separate setup. If you go to your profile and choose Edit Profile, you'll be able to set your Display name there. :D