Friday, 9 July 2010

Ghost Hunter designs

These are some designs I did for a mock project called 'Ghost Hunter'. The project was a part of a concept art course run by Leo Sandberg at the University of Gotland last summer. Leo is an amazingly multifaceted artist and a great teacher. It was a privilege to be able to learn from him.

Leo Sandberg - Link
University of Gotland - Link


aqws said...

Love the rotation animation and esp. The black ink silhouettes. Lovely stuff!

nana said...

Cheers man! The turnaround took friggin ages to do... it still wobbles a bit but it's pretty cool to see the character occupy space. :)

Nate Simpson said...

How... how did you get the turnaround to work so well? It wasn't modeled in 3d, was it? Mind blowing stuff. This blog is the best.

nana said...

Cheers Nate! That means a lot coming from you! :)
The turnaround took a deceivingly long time to do. At first I thought I could fudge it but quickly realised that with a pose like this I needed to be more methodical. I simply used a box and circle in perspective to track various landmarks, but if you look closely there are things that are kind of jumping around in space still. It was very hard to get it perfect.

Nate Simpson said...

Well, kudos to your mad perspective skillz! Looks perfect to me.

Is this a thing that game companies are making concept artists do these days? Quite a labor-intensive way to work out a character design!

nana said...

This was a piece of homework for a concept art course I did in Sweden last summer. I'd imagine that it's easier to draw people standing straight with their arms stretched out for turnarounds but the teacher said we could do an action post if we wanted to challenge ourselves... and a challenge it was. :D