Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ross Noble tour poster 2012

I've been really fortunate to get to do another tour poster for Ross Noble's 2012 comedy tour - Mindblender. The 2010 poster I did was pretty cartoony and colourful but Ross had a very different idea about the direction this time around. It was really cool to do something a tad more realistic than usual for the rendering. I wanted it to be a caricature of Ross without pushing the exaggeration too far and risk loosing appeal in the process.
The metallic surfaces were a headache to render but luckily I got some help from John Aggs there.

This is the sketch Ross sent me of what he had in mind. He drew one of these for me the last time as well, and I really dig them! Even though it's a very simple drawing it put me in the right ballpark.

I started with a few thumbnails to explore variations of the composition and pose, and I did a colour rough to plan out the general colour scheme.

You can find the tour dates for Ross' show on his website -


Badger said...

Lovely work Nana! Very nice Ross noble'ing

voxie said...

Brilliant! Was thinking of you randomly today (you might not remember me, I met you at MCM Expo ages a go!), so I thought I'd google you. It's good to see you're still drawing, better than ever. This one inparticular is different from anything I've seen before.... Keep it up girl. :)

Shona said...

Love this poster! Great work. :D