Saturday, 6 June 2009

Summer on Gotland

At the moment of writing I'm in Stockholm, sitting in the home of an old acquaintance of the family which is where I've been sleeping for the last two nights. Stockholm is just a intermediate stop. Tomorrow I'm off to Visby and the University of Gotland, where I'll be taking a 10-week course in Life drawing with Pernilla Persson. At the same time, I'll also be doing the long-distance course Concept Art II, led by Leo Sandberg. Looking forward to both!

I didn't use to think that Sweden had much to offer in terms of education for entertainment art, but you never know what a little digging can yield. The great thing about Swedish education is that it's free, and I don't think you need to be a Swedish citizen to benefit from it. Compared to the complicated UK UCAS system, it was so easy for me to register for these courses - a few clicks for the mouse and that was it. Although, that might be because I do in fact have Swedish social security number.

University of Gotland (HGO) - link
Life Drawing at HGO - link
Concept Art II at HGO - link
Pernilla Persson - link
Leo Sandberg - link


aqws said...

Good luck! She looks great for comicbook life drawing, what with a background in animation. Her drawings look really nice and fluid.

I got taught by this bloke:
He had a total Norman Rockwell fetish (awesome) but did tend to teach slightly more angular drawing.

nana said...

Thanks! First day tomorrow! :D

The thing I love about Rockwell is his sense of humour, and the way he manages to capture so much heart in his illustrations. I wonder if that's easily replicated...