Monday, 24 November 2008

Mushroom Fighter!

Saturday was mine and Faye's workshop on "Designing your futuristic manga hero" at the Victoria & Albert museum.
We decided to approach the subject by showing that inspiration for outlandish character designs can be found just about anywhere. Google image search provided some random imagery and I did a pre-design on the train to London...

... after a quick breakfast. I swear, these make me look forward to train journeys.

Can you spot all the images used in her design? It shouldn't be too difficult.

The backstory involves a future where humans are cultivating space mushrooms which are in constant peril of being garbled up by giant grasshopper-like aliens. Our heroine is a pestilence fighter, wearing a lethal chemical pack and brandishing a set of anti-pestilence emitters, whose light repel any hoppers which might sneak up on her from the back.

Right. Maybe it's not an award winning design, but you get the idea.
The second point we wanted to make in the workshop was that a world and a back story is essential for a believable character design.


aqws said...

I really like this method of taking the shape or silhouette of something quite offbeat and using it for a design...I really need to think in a more design-oriented way when making comics!

I want a cactus-hat now.

nana said...

It's not something I've used intentionally before, but then I've never had to design a futuristic character. It's one way to approach it I suppose. :)
That cactus is what inspired the whole design to begin with. :D