Friday, 14 November 2008

The Shop - Cambridge Open Art Space

The Shop is an open art space and meeting point for artists in Cambridge, run by a group of volunteers. Apart from life drawing sessions (which is linked to the Cambridge University Architecture Society) it hosts other workshops (Cambridge Comic Creators Collective, a.k.a. C4, for one) and also yoga and dance classes.

It's a great art space and for a insignificant membership fee of £6 (£12 if you've got a steady job) you can use the venue and the materials it freely. The life drawing sessions are by far the cheapest I've been able to find in Cambridge.

I was told by one of the people behind The Shop that the premises are owned by Jesus College. It has been let on a short term basis until it will supposedly be turned into a hotel in two years time.
The place itself is not huge. As far as I've been able to gather, there's only one main work area, but it's large enough to accommodate for a life drawing group of 20-25 people quite comfortably.

Did I mention they have a tea corner as well? What more do you need?

The address is:

18 Jesus Lane,
Cambridge CB5 8BQ

It's located smack in the centre of Cambridge which makes it very easily accessible for people in the area.

More information about The Shop and an activity schedule can be found on their homepage.

The Shop


aqws said...

Those are some of the cheapest life drawing sessions i've seen anywhere! Go! Go now! draw naked people!
You lucky Cambridge folk...

nana said...

Haha Cambridge is getting better and better indeed! :D