Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Sketches from China

A sketch I made while I was in China this summer...

It's from the Tang Dynasty Cultural Park in Xi An. The park is an artificial reconstruction of what the Tang dynasty supposedly would have looked like, so the impressive-looking buildings have no historical value. They are very shiny though.

The weather had been extremely hot and stuffy that day, but as dusk approached a rain cloud breezed past in the distance. For a moment the light took on the golden sheen which contrasted nicely against the dark clouds in the distance. Even though we didn't get any of the cooling rain, the wind took most of the heat away so it was a great evening to spend in the beautiful and uncharacteristically empty park.


aqws said...

wow, it looks so serene..I love the way the water reflects in the marble-ish tables and chairs in the last pic. ^_^

nana said...

It was a beautiful evening. I sketched the bridge from the stone pallet closest to the railing. Amazingly there were almost no people around, this is China after all! I'm guessing the heat during the day had driven most people to air-conditioned locations.